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Stewarding Zone

If you are involved in an on-track incident, you may be summoned to the Stewarding Zone. Drivers can submit reports along with evidence which will be reviewed by the stewards. Defendants and other drivers can also provide evidence and opinions to be reviewed. The stewards will then make a judgement based on the evidence, the Code of Conduct, league rules and previous decisions. In general, try to resolve issues with other drivers directly first - an apology is always a good idea.

Recent Reports

Technical documents

Name Game Last Updated
F1 2021: Season 2 League Rules F1 2021 29/08/2021
F2 2020: Off-Season 1 League Rules F1 2020 02/04/2021
F1 2020: Season 1 League Rules F1 2020 31/08/2020
GRL Code of Conduct All Games 31/08/2020