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Welcome to GRL

We created the Gentlemens Racing League with the goal of building a respectful and open community. This means we expect gentlemanly (or ladylike) behaviour both on and off track. We welcome drivers of all skill levels, but we won’t deal with unsportsmanlike conduct.


How do I join GRL?

Simply click the ‘Join Now!’ button and you will be redirected to the Steam login page. You will use your Steam account to sign in each time you visit

That's it, you are now registered and can join leagues!

How can I enter a league?

Choose a league from the navbar. On the league page, click the ‘Apply’ button. You will be redirected to the rules page. Read through them carefully and hit ‘Accept’. You have now successfully applied for the league!

Before taking part in any races, you will need to qualify - this process can vary between leagues. The fastest drivers will qualify for a championship seat, with the other drivers offered the ‘Reserve Driver’ role.

Can I join mid-season?

Yes! Sign up for GRL and join a league as described above. You will not have the opportunity to qualify and instead will be assigned the ‘Reserve Driver’ role.

What is a Reserve Driver?

A reserve driver can participate in races if there is any space left in the lobby. You are not assigned a fixed car, but may be able take one that is not used by a regular driver.

How do I contact you?

Join our Discord! We are always happy to answer any questions. Failing this our Twitter handle can be found at the bottom of the page along with all other means to contact us.

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