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ID Event Plaintiff Defendant Status
52 Japanese Grand Prix Romanoff snaeb.Torsey No Further Action
51 Japanese Grand Prix Romanoff snaeb.Torsey No Further Action
50 Japanese Grand Prix ACCT4Loss Miliano No Further Action
49 Russian Grand Prix Tufastfoju Tufastfoju Removed Penalty
48 Gran Premio D'italia MissingYew AMA | Javierm0896 Time Penalty
47 British Grand Prix ManuFaruk ManuFaruk No Further Action
46 British Grand Prix WhiteWolf SimplySanata No Further Action
45 British Grand Prix MissingYew MissingYew No Further Action
44 Grosser Preis Von Österreich Dizzy fraGGed No Further Action
43 Grosser Preis Von Österreich WhiteWolf M-A-T-T Time Penalty
42 Grosser Preis Von Österreich fraGGed ACCT4Loss Black and White Flag
41 Grand Prix De France Gobta MissingYew No Further Action
40 Grand Prix De France AMA | Javierm0896 Gobta Black and White Flag
39 Grand Prix De France AMA | Javierm0896 Gobta Time Penalty
38 Grand Prix De France fraGGed Telescuffle No Further Action
37 Grand Prix De France ACCT4Loss Telescuffle No Further Action
36 Grand Prix De France White Leopard MissingYew No Further Action
35 Grand Prix De France Miliano ManuFaruk Time Penalty
34 Grand Prix De France snaeb.Torsey White Leopard No Further Action
33 Grand Prix Du Canada KeeN KeeN No Further Action
32 Grand Prix Du Canada ManuFaruk KeeN Time Penalty
31 Grand Prix Du Canada LuNiK7505 fraGGed Time Penalty
30 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Romanoff mastarious667 Black and White Flag
29 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Miliano ACCT4Loss Time Penalty
28 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Gobta RANKKY Time Penalty


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